About Rockin’ Shots

Who are Rockin’ Shots?

Rockin’ Shots is a 4H Shooting Education team based in Rockingham County, Virginia.  The team is available to all youth ages 10-19 that are currently active/enrolled 4H members of a club within Rockingham County, however there is currently a waiting list due to high interest.  We currently offer the following disciplines: archery, bb, air rifle, air pistol and shotgun.  We hope to be able to offer other disciplines such as muzzle loading and small bore rifle in the future.  We have several youth that have competed on local, state, regional and national levels.  If you are interested in joining or learning more about Rockin’ Shots, please contact the Rockingham County Extension Office.


BB: We offer BB as an introduction to safe handling of firearms with a relatively safe firearm.  We utilize the Daisy 10 Lesson curriculum which covers a variety of lessons from basic safety, cleaning and storing as well as more advanced skills such as various shooting positions, equipment use, and sighting.  At the end of the 10 lesson course all youth take a safety test which will allow them to progress to other disciplines offered.

Air Rifle/Air Pistol: Air rifle and air pistol are offered as an extension of the BB discipline.  This allows youth that perhaps have aged out of the BB competitions to continue to compete and gets them prepared for other disciplines such as shotgun.  Again, the emphasis is on safety and many aspects of handling and knowledge are covered that are important for future disciplines, within and outside of competition.  The state 4H shooting competition for BB, Air Rifle and Air Pistol is held in March, with the top 3 teams being invited to National competitions.

Shotgun: We offer individuals age 11 and up the opportunity to participate in learning about shotguns and trap shooting at a local outdoor facility.

Archery: Archery is offered certain times during the year and we shoot both on an indoor range as well as outside when weather permits.


virginia We are just starting this site but hope to have current information about our club along with other materials for those involved with Shooting sports.

If you have any questions please let us know.

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