Results from Daisy National Championship

Congratulations go out to the FIRST team from Rockingham County to go to a NATIONAL competition!  After two long days of competition, including a 50 question safety test, the Rockin’ Shots came home in 47th place.  Rockin’ Shots was awarded the Eddie Harper memorial trophy which goes to the team that improved their score the most from their state qualification match. Most impressive was the fact that the top 5 shooters improved their score from the state qualification match 148 points!!   The team members were Abigail Showalter, Jacob Craun, Derek Liddle, Gabbi Hensley and Chandler Jordan.  The two alternates were Kevin Wanger and Shianne Nesselrodt.

Some of the highlights include:

  • Several shooters improved personal scores of over 30 points at some of their positions

  • Almost ALL of the shooters improved their scores on the 50 question safety test

  • We had several shooters in the top 200 in individual positions and one shooter score in the top 100 in one of her positions

  • Only 2 of our top 5 shooters were returning shooters, the remaining shooters were first year shooters!

Way to go ROCKIN’ SHOTS!!

Find all individual and team scores here!


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