Why Shooting Sports

Why should your son or daughter be involved in 4H shooting sports?  Are you concerned about what they will learn?

4H Shooting Sports focuses on teaching valuable life skills.  The skills that many students learn from participating in shooting sports are valuable throughout their lives.  These skills are taught through the safe handling of Archery and Firearms in a certified instructor led environment.  Our primary concern is always the safety of the shooter, the instructor, and observers(which should include you).  We ask that parents remain on premises with their 4H member.  Rockingham county 4H has worked with the Rockin’ Shots club to ensure that we have trained and certified instructors to safely teach shooting sports.  To assist in visualizing some of the skills that your son or daughter will learn through shooting sports, 4H has created what we call the Targeting Life Skills Wheel:



We wouldn’t exist without our many donors and volunteers.  A big thank you to everyone that has given of their time, money, and effort without which we wouldn’t exist.

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